LSA Autonomy Receives a DARPA Phase II SBIR Award to Build a Prototype Hybrid, 2WD, Near-Silent Motorcycle

Westminster, MD — Land Sea Air Autonomy LLC (LSA Autonomy) has received a Direct-to-Phase II Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) award to develop a new hybrid off-road motorcycle.  This prototype is designed to be the first of its kind to combine electric, two-wheel drive operation with a low-noise diesel/JP8 power generation system. LSA Autonomy received this competitive Phase II SBIR award as part of a DARPA pilot program, which allowed it to satisfy the traditional Phase I SBIR analysis and progress immediately to the Phase II prototype. 

LSA Autonomy is leading this effort in collaboration with Mission Motors and Northwest UAV (NWUAV) to produce the prototype. Mission Motors and NWUAV bring a wealth of talent and experience in the design of high power density batteries, power electronics, and heavy-fuel UAV engines.  The prototype will be designed, integrated and tested at the LSA Autonomy facility in Westminster, MD. LSA Autonomy is excited at the potential uses of this class of motorcycle in both the military and commercial sectors.

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About the Team

LSA Autonomy is dedicated to providing affordable integrated solutions through innovative applications in sensors and technology. Its expertise is based on a diverse background in design and integration of rugged robotic platforms for use in diverse environments from outer-space to under-sea. LSA Autonomy specializes in complex, safety-critical system design and is driven to make these systems reliable, sustainable and affordable throughout their life cycles.

Mission Motors is a leading provider of electric power train systems, engineering services, and a developer of high-density, safety-optimized traction drive systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Mission Motors has extensive experience in the design and development of electrically driven motorcycles. 

NWUAV provides cost effective solutions for clients in air, land and sea unmanned applications. COTS solutions, custom design, or build-to-print engine systems are available products. NWUAV offers a wide variety of on-site expertise in engineering, R&D, state-of-the-art testing, production and manufacturing capabilities.

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