Self-Driving Vehicles



LSA Autonomy's Robotic Autonomous Platform (RAP) provides on-road and off-road autonomous mobility for user selected payloads. The systems pictured are integrated onto Polaris off-road vehicles and utilized by the U.S. Army Joint Product Manager, Force Protection Systems to compliment base security forces. System highlights include the following:


  • On-road and off-road waypoint route execution,
  • Mobility obstacle detection and avoidance,
  • Long range intruder detection and tracking,
  • EO/IR situational awareness with two-way audio.


LSA Autonomy's Drive-By-Wire (DBW) system, utilized by our self-driving vehicles, is available as a standalone product. Designed as a vehicle agnostic bolt-on kit, it is readily adaptable to practically any vehicle with throttle/brake pedals, steering wheel, and gear shift lever. The kit also features fail-safe actuator controllers, JAUS compliant Ethernet interface, and a rugged design. Platforms on which the kit has been installed include:

  • RPAMS Electric Commander (Strike-R),
  • Polaris Ranger Diesel,
  • Polaris Military Crew Diesel.


Overhead Wire Laser-detector (OWL)

OWL sensor unit

OWL sensor unit

OWL operator display

The OWL detects overhead wires and other obstructions for oversized transports. When clearances are insufficient, the system alerts the operator in real-time with audible and visual warnings, while providing photographic imaging for clarity. The OWL is magnetically mounted to the roof of a vehicle, then plugged into a laptop on the passenger side. A threshold is keyed in based on the height of the object being transported. The OWL then takes 32 measurements across the road 10 times per second, using millions of points of data to provide precise height measurements of any potential impediments. The system works at highway speeds, making it extremely valuable for pre-transport route surveys. However, when used for real-time alerting, the driver must not travel over 25 miles per hour to allow for sufficient stopping time.

Hardware Components

LSA Autonomy produces a number of hardware components for integrating autonomy and Drive-By-Wire functionality onto optionally manned and unmanned platforms.

  • Modular Vehicle Electronics Computing Enclosure (MVECE)
  • Low-cost, high-accuracy, navigation system
  • Computer controlled power distribution
  • Precision wheel encoders
  • Fail-safe actuator controllers


Software Modules

  • Navigation state estimator
  • GPS denied navigation
  • LiDAR-based obstacle and hazard detector
  • Radar and LiDAR target tracker
  • Sensor fusion engine 

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