LSA Autonomy is proud to have been awarded SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) Multiple Award Contract N00178-15-D-8300. SeaPort-e provides a wide range of engineering, technical, and programmatic services and solutions to the Navy Systems Commands, Office of Naval Research, Military Sealift Command, and United States Marine Corps.

Qualified Zones

Zone 1 - Northeast
Zone 2 - National Capital
Zone 6 - Southwest
Zone 7 - Northwest

Team Members

Critical Link
RP Advanced Mobile Systems
Velodyne Lidar

Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance is a visible component of our corporate culture.  Delivering quality products to ensure customer satisfaction and positive past performance is a shared responsibility throughout the organization.  Our quality management approach ensures maximum return on investment in the form of improved product output, schedule, and cost performance for our clients and it includes the following:

Quality Planning. The Technical PM will work with the COR to ensure a thorough understanding of the work and to develop clear and mutually understood specifications for the required service.  During the project initiation phase, we will seek to identify client specific preferences, expectations, and standards for task assignments.
Personnel Evaluation and Assignment.  When specific tasks arise, the Technical PM, in conjunction with the corporate PM, will select the employee with the most relevant knowledge and skills to perform the assignment.  Specific performance metrics are defined (and revised as needed) to monitor and assess progress throughout the project and for short-term assignments.
Detailed Resource Assessment.  In conjunction with the COR, the Technical PM and LSA Autonomy corporate managers will work to ensure that adequate resources are made available to the team staff for completion of assignments (this may include specialized and/or refresher training).
Rigorous Performance Review. The corporate PM and Technical PM will conduct on-going reviews of contract performance and staff performance to make sure that standards of performance are met or exceeded.  Performance-related feedback from staff and customers will be solicited continuously.  Customer surveys will be conducted periodically to ensure that adequate, non-biased input is provided to assess performance.
Recognizing and Rewarding Quality.  LSA Autonomy will implement staff recognition programs which can include financial and other rewards for delivering exceptional services to our clients.  These rewards provide incentives to LSA Autonomy personnel to perform above the standards identified in the task orders.
Customer Feedback. Quality Assurance (QA) starts and ends with communication between the client and us. The LSA Autonomy corporate PM will schedule quarterly QA meetings with the COR and other designated staff.  This feedback is used to remedy deficiencies and to improve our services. Feedback improves our effectiveness and ability to achieve client satisfaction.

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